Sqorz Race Labels

Labels are provided free of charge by SmartGate while data for this service is provided by Eventsoft. Labels are only available for races run using Sqorz.

Help and guidance

Essentially any label printer will work.

Zebra GK420d is recommended for its printing speed, durability and label roll compatibility.

Labels are by default generated for 45 x 30 mm labels. This size is compatible with 1.75 x 1.25 inch labels.

It is recommended to use a Direct Thermal printer and labels to lower the cost of labels. Direct Thermal printers prints without ink or toner.

Scaling to other label sizes is usually configurable during printing.

When using the recommended Zebra GK420d printer, printing uses the normal print dialogue on Windows/Mac.

Actual label size and orientation is configured in printer settings.

It is recommended to enable auto scaling and centring on the print area.

Remember to choose the label printer when printing.

Labels are generated to provide riders with race information from Sqorz.

At each stage of the race a new set of labels is available, e.g. motos, semi finals and finals.

Labels are sorted by club. Print them and hand out to team managers for distribution to riders.

Labels for initial phase (motos or time trail) are available once the race is setup and drawn in sqorz.

At every stage ALL newly drawn races are printet. In other words final labels for a small race class will be printed at e.g. semi final stage if drawn.