BMX Track timing has never been easier.

SmartGate combines well-proven rock solid Mylaps timing equipment with the latest cloud technology. We did not add cloud technology and security – we build our solution on top of it and the result speaks for itself. A blazing fast, scalable and stable timing cloud for BMX training.

Track timing you can touch

It’s as simple as a click on a button to get started. The app is available directly on
If it’s your first time to use SmartGate, you’ll have to create an account and type in you MYLAPS transponder id.

If you do not find any results from your local track, please have your local club to contact us.

Register free account

Our business model is simple.

As long as our expenses are covered, we can provide a solution that is free for the rides at a minimal fixed cost for each club.

If you are really eager in trying our solution, we provide you the hardware needed with money back guarantee on hardware returns and a free club subscription for 3 months. All we ask from you is your feedback and to ensure a lot of your riders are trying out SmartGate to help us improve.

Need track timing at your track?

SmartGate does not require all the hazle and an ever running computer. All you will need besides you MYLAPS decoder(s) is an internet connection and mains power on your track.
We will supply a small gateway connecting any amount of MYLAPS Prochip decoders to the cloud and your riders and coaches will have instant access to track timing.

Club subscription

Plug & play

Our solution is truly Plug & play. All you need is mains power and an internet connection.
Connect the SmartGate gateway to the MYLAPS network segment, power it up, create an account and claim your track and you are good to go.

Fixed cost

We deliver the results at fixed cost for the club, while free for the riders. You will know the price up front and have no trouble by offering track timing even at unmanaged open training sessions.

Always connected

SmartGate is build on cutting edge technology in a cloud first approach. Some think of the internet as an add-on, while we turned to box up-side down.
You will benefit by real-time training results wherever you are.